Thursday, August 30, 2012

'LOPPING OFF HEADS'...metaphorically, that is.

It was reported this past week that a group of 17 young people (boys and girls) in Afghanistan were beheaded for what their religious ‘authorities‘ determined was immoral activity.  What was their heinous, treacherous crime deserving such barbaric punishment?  They were caught playing music and dancing.  You can read about it here.

Much closer to home, The Preacher was enraged against the young people of his church for doing much the same thing....playing music and dancing which eventually led to his administering his brand of 'discipline' archaic practice most employed by cults known as 'Shunning'.  There's only a few degrees separation between the two.  

Something I find incredibly troubling.  This was the disturbance that inspired the name of this blog.  Read about it here, WHY THE TALIBAN TITLE.

A couple of years ago, I made an attempt to reconnect with a lady who continued to attend the church for quite a while after we left. I heard that she did eventually leave, so I emailed her and summarized some reasons we left and expressed my desire to talk from time to time.  

Upon leaving the church, it is something of an unspoken rule that anyone leaving--except in the almost nonexistent event they do so with The Preacher's blessing--is considered anathema by remaining members.

Knowing this, we avoided contact with them.  But I discovered she had also left and she was one of the few people with whom I really wanted to renew friendship. 

In my email to her, I referred to the church as The Baptist Taliban.  She replied and promptly let me know that she took exception to this comparison being that the real Taliban "lops off people's heads".  She explained how well the church treated her ailing, elderly mother-in-law and though she didn't know and didn't care to know the specifics of our departure, she didn't appreciate my position. 

I let it go at that. 

Even though she politely stated her position and expressed all the usual pleasantries, It was obvious what friendship we once had could not likely be resurrected.

Then a couple of days ago, my husband brought this horrible news to my attention.

I don't believe using the "Taliban" metaphor for The Baptist Taliban church is too far of a stretch when The Preacher, on more than one occasion, explicitly and emphatically stated directly to us that he believes God never intended for the Old Testament Laws and their brutal penalties to be discontinued.  

We asked him if that meant he would support stoning adulterers, rebellious sons as well as the other crimes for which the Law requires death?  His answer was almost exactly this: "Well, that sure would stop people from committing adultery, wouldn't it"...

So, that naturally leads me to wonder...."If our government permitted each religious tradition to impose its own brand of Sharia Law, would they not eventually descend to the depths of the Taliban in Afghanistan and instead of 'lopping off the spiritual heads' of the faith of its young through its spirit of legalism to literally... physically 'lop off heads'? 

If he-- and a very zealous, radical, religious minority he identifies with--is already thinking along those lines to the extent of verbalizing it, the correlation might become less metaphorical and more... harsh reality. 

This is why I believe it more than fitting to call this assembly, 'The Baptist Taliban'.



  1. Your bitterness in only outdone by you stupity. this is clear off the chart for absolute insanity. Even the idiots don't know how to respond to you ignorance. I wish I could say something nice about you. If you are a Christian it sure has no way to surface. You get deeper into your obsession. Be careful girl.
    I can't see happiness in your life.

    1. And all that YOU just said IS Christian? You might need to ask your self why you are so offended by what I write...

    2. Clearly, this individual has nothing better to do than troll survivors of spiritual abuse. Just ignore zir, Cindy.

    3. Thanks, Saturn, your support and encouragement is welcome, indeed!

  2. anonymous prime is a jerk. i believe in you, cindy, keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much! It really does mean a lot!

  3. Actually this makes a good point because, historically, Christianity has behaved very much like the Taliban in various times.

    During the middle ages a lot of the various states would execute adulters (mostly woman) because it was a biblically mandated punishment. In fact the death penalty could be applied (and this varied from place to place) for a myriad of activities that today's western societies wouldn't even consider deserving of a small fine. (also note that this included protestant, catholic and orthodox societies).

    I have often said that if you want to know what countries were like when Christian values guided them the Taliban make for a good comparison.

    The first "anonymous" comment claims you are ignorant but doesn't say how. Well I am going to assume that commentator knows very little about real history or else they would recognise that, not only does your argument make sense, it actually is more accurate than even you realise.

    1. And there are more 'Christian' groups who would still have it so. Any group promoting Reconstruction-ism, Dominion-ism, even Gothard-ism is rooted in Theocratic ideals--OT Laws and penalties not compatible with this Age of Grace.

      Theocracy was not nor ever was meant for this Age or people unless it is Christ Himself ushering it in. Any faith-based group, be it Christianity or otherwise, that assumes this role will be no better than the Taliban itself.

      Thanks for the validation.

    2. Saturn; Good idea. Ignore me. By the way that's what learned people do with this kind of a blog. And I can see you are diffinitely a brillant historian my eyes are blurred by your dust you are way out front. And Cindy's brillance is right behind you. Oh well, guess I'll take your advice, read and ignore. Hate your ememies do bad to those who hate you. Ahhhh is that what it says? No hits on this post for 2 weeks, then I foolishly posted in a way that was good because now counting me, Cindy, Annon, and you we've generated 9 responses. The importance of this information is finally coming to light.

    3. Cute, Anon. The success of a blog is not based on comments, but on traffic which is charted for returning visits and length of time spent as well as which posts are visited. For the amount of promotion I do, I am getting plenty of traffic.

      I still can't believe you don't discern the 'pot calling the kettle black' here. It's pretty obvious what your motive is, so I let this continue since you so precisely illustrate the point. Congratulations!

    4. Also, I think we've all seen enough, so consider yourself ignored from now on. Anything else you comment on here will be promptly deleted, so save yourself some time. I know where you are from, and if I cared enough, I could track you, but I really don't care to know who you are.